Social integration branch


Within the scope of our mission, we are creating a background, conditions and service for a dignified integration of handicapped people along with equal chances in the job market. We cooperate and communicate with disabled people, with employers, but also with local authorities. We are preparing protected workshops and also conditions for employing handicapped people directly in our association. An inseparable part of our work is the psychologists’ work. In addition to the job integration itself, we will also create appropriate conditions for leisure activities, such as for example organizing sports clubs and organizing sports competitions for persons with lower mobility.


Environmental branch

In this field we focus on the area of alternative energy sources, namely the solar energy. We provide a permanent environmental education, especially for the youth, with programmes for children starting as early as the pre-school age. The aim is to motivate the coming generation to take interest in the influence of mankind on the environment and subsequently the quality of life of all the society. We want to motivate not only young pupils and students, but also entrepreneurs and authorities, to find and use the renewable energy sources, to wit on the regional, municipal, entrepreneurial and international level.

Educational branch


We focus on retraining courses, which are designed mainly for people registered at an employment office, and the purpose is to improve their qualification and enable them a better chance to succeed in the job market. We prepare special programmes for the elderly, in which we provide them with access to the Internet and highlight the advantages of using it, and show them how to work with the computer. We provide education for workers of local authorities in the field of environmental issues, which is especially appreciated by municipalities in whose territory there is a protected landscape area, national park or a NATURA 2000 locality. Within the scope of our activities we will also create conditions for educating executives at elementary and secondary schools in the South Bohemian region.


Tourism and Culture

Within the scope of our activities, we survey the availability of accommodation and food services for disabled people. We concentrate on the area of the Czech and Bavarian Šumava (the Bohemian Forest), especially on the territory of both national parks. Based on this monitoring, we create the so-called Travel Manual. The unique point of this project is the fact that the facilities are assessed directly by disabled people, not by healthy people, who might not be sensible enough for such assessment as the disabled themselves. We assess the readiness of the facility from the point of view of wheelchair users, people with poor sight and/or hearing defects. We also put emphasis on evaluating the readiness of staff. In the interest of both users and providers of hotel and restaurant services, we provide relevant training for the staff (e.g. the specific dishing for the blind, etc.. ).

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19. března 2013 od 9.00 Trianon - Čechy, o.s. a CURAVIVA Schweiz
12 February 2013, 09.23
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Program konference

5. 2. 2013 – hotel Witikohof v Bischofsreutu
05 February 2013, 00.00
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závěrečné jednání k projektu z OP Přeshraniční spolupráce ČR – Bavorsko Cíl 3 (r. č. p.: 195) ,,Cestujeme bez bariér na Šumavě/Bayerischer Wald“

21. 11. 2012 – Praha – konference Přes bariéry
21 December 2012, 14.51
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– prezentace projektu z OP Přeshraniční spolupráce ČR – Bavorsko Cíl 3 (r. č. p.: 195) ,,Cestujeme bez bariér na Šumavě/Bayerischer Wald“

13. 11. 2012 – Klatovy – 4. workshop ke vzdělávacímu modulu
12 December 2012, 15.18
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"EVVO a zdravý životní styl – Třídění odpadu je jen začátek"